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How Effective Is Our Brain For The Physiological Structure Of Our Body?

Scientists have proven that activities such as meditation can affect people’s physiological structures. Even the secret of Wim Hof, who we know as the ice-man, is hidden here.

We’ve all heard from before. Some people are more resistant to very high temperatures. On the contrary, others are resistant to extreme cold. Wim Hof, who we know as an iceman, can set an example for this situation. This man can swim under the ice and stay in the barrel full of ice for hours. So, how does Hof do this? Has he really had such a talent, or could he have somehow trained himself to be extremely cold? Scientists have completed their work to clarify this intriguing situation.

Scientists have done some work to understand how an effect such as extreme cold has an impact on the human brain, how our brains behave at such extreme points. As a result of these studies, it was revealed that the human brain can be developed by using some techniques against such situations. In other words, if we succeed, we can all gain resistance to such extreme situations.

As a means of homeostasis, the internal balance of our cells can be defined as the self-protection of our cells against external influences. So homeostasis is of vital importance to us. To give an example, when we are exposed to cold for a long time, our body reacts against it. These reactions from our bodies are beyond our control and help to maintain our body temperature for a while.

Scientists have determined that some physical activities, such as yoga and meditation, can change homeostasis. That is to say, the psychology and physiology of man move together at this point and change behavior towards extreme situations. In fact, our body is under the control of our psychological thoughts, and in this way, we can react differently than it should. The barrel full of ice, which he would be afraid to approach, like the entrance of Wim Hof ​​…

Under normal circumstances, when a person suffers too much, he cannot heat a beach thinking. Both physiological structure and psychology correspond to this. The only thing that is important for a person at that moment is cold and must pass to a warm place. This is called asymmetry of causal effects in brain networks. But people like Wim Hof ​​can break this asymmetry with meditation. The secret of Hof is to use controlled breathing technique and meditate. In addition, before every attempt, Hof’s clothing is sprayed with water at a temperature of 3 degrees Celsius.

3 degrees Celsius water sprayed on the clothes, Hof’s body physically warns. But, thanks to the meditations he has done, Hof strengthens him psychologically. Thus, Hof has an ability that we cannot do. Thanks to his personal work, he runs his brain against the cold. In fact, Hof’s brain is working to prevent body aches from the cold.

Scientists, as a result of these studies, have made sure that Hof was educated at this point. Scientists say that such techniques can be a light of hope for all mankind. Millions of people today are dependent on drugs for psychological reasons such as depression. These drugs are numbing people in general. According to scientists, the techniques used by people like Wim Hof ​​can be an alternative to the treatment of psychological disorders without using drugs. The important thing is to understand the connection between one’s psychology and physiological characteristics.

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