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How Can The Fantastic Four Be Included In The MCU? (Spoiler: Galactus)

Even though the Fantastic Four has been adapted to the big screen many times, it has never been able to satisfy either Marvel fans or the Fantastic Four fans, but the transfer of characters’ film rights from FOX to Disney could ultimately set things right. So how can the Fantastic Four be included in the MCU?

Rumors have spread that Marvel’s planet-eating villain Galactus will be in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Naturally, the Galactus discourse also brought to light the Fantastic Four, which did not leave much shiny marks in cinema.

For many, putting Galactus into the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a great way to incorporate the Fantastic Four into this universe. Let us examine the details in detail.

What should Marvel do to incorporate the Fantastic Four into the MCU after three phases have already passed?
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  • He must reasonably explain how these heroes gained their power  Although this character will be considered to be present at the moment, it should be explained why they have not appeared so far.
  • Kirby’s Fantastic Quartet and a more modern version of Brian Michael Bendis and Jonathan Hickman’s version must blend correctly.
  • The superhero must come up with a story of science fiction, family, drama and comedy.
  • Avengers: Infinity War and the Avengers: Endgame, thanks to what happened Galactus, a character that can meet all these.

The idea of ​​a fan is roughly as follows:


Thanos’ capture and use of Infinity Gaunlet, then the Avengers team did the same thing; it gives some signals that there is a galactic danger or power. Galactus then receives signals from Earth, which has great power.

Galactus existed in the old universe before the Big Bang, and he was able to switch between the multiple universes of Marvel. Galactus withdraws to the MCU after events in the Infinity Saga but does not come alone. Galactus is none other than The Maker, a mysterious interdimensional predator with the exception of a cosmic destructor.

The Maker then introduces himself to the heroes at the MCU and tells them that his team has failed to stop Galactus because some wrong calculations have been made on Reed’s device. As a result, he states that his own world was destroyed by his family. The Maker, who needs the Fantastic Four in the world, learns that this team does not exist here.

As the final of the story, it turns out that The Maker’s story is a lie and that they abandon themselves after Reed turns bad.

How Can The Fantastic Four Be Included In The MCU? (Spoiler: Galactus)
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