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Hidden Features Of Car Keys Unknown By Many Drivers

The car keychains, which have undergone a great change with the development of technology, can now do more than just open and lock the doors.

Today, the cars produced are equipped with more technological features than ever before. Of course, not only cars, but also car keys are developing in parallel. Car keys; it’s no longer just for locking and unlocking the doors, but also for remote control and to make your car sound so you can find your car in crowded parking areas. Many of these features are not known to users. Here are some ın hidden lar features that car keys can do:

Lowering all windows simultaneously

Most of the new key fobs have a feature: opening all windows and sunroof with one click. After pressing the unlock button once, you will see that all the windows and sunroof are opened at the same time if you hold down the window (about 10 seconds) until all the windows are lowered.

Remote starting the car

In many key fobs, the remote start button is indicated by a circular arrow. In order to perform this function on most key fobs, first you need to press the lock button and then this remote start button. Pressing the specified key twice may give the same result. Some new BWM models require you to press the lock key 3 times within 1 second to use this feature.

Opening mirrors

In some cars, the opening and closing of the mirrors depends on the process of locking and unlocking the doors, but in some models this is left to the user. For example, in new Chevrolet and GMC vehicles, the opening and closing of the side mirrors can be changed depending on the driver preference. Users need to press the lock button for about 1 second to turn off the mirrors.

Calling the tool

Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X key rings feature the Tesla Summon function, which you can use to control the vehicle from outside in tight parking spaces. Before using this feature, drivers must activate this feature from the vehicle’s center display.

To activate the summon feature, press the button in the middle of the key ring (the key in the car’s key fobs on the roof of the vehicle) until the warning light comes on. Then press the key in front of the key ring to move the car forward. Press the same key once again to end the operation. Follow the same procedure to undo the tool, this time by pressing the key on the back of the key holder to move the car back. In addition, Model X users can close all open doors simultaneously by pressing the key on the key ring.

Mechanical key

The mechanical key is a feature that the users with the push button starter keychains are not aware of. This mechanical key is located inside the keychain and opens the doors of the car when the keychain is running out of battery. To use this feature, you must push the key on the key fob and pull the key.

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