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Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Leave a Giant Parabolic Mirror in Your Car on a Sunny Day

We do not want to get out of the car when we open the air-conditioners in hot weather and wander around. If we have to get out, there are things we have to forget in the car.

Parabolic mirrors were placed on the walls of the sea-side buildings according to the custom. These mirrors can produce hundreds or even thousands of degrees of heat because they focus the sunlight on a specific spot. Over the Kales, it is said that the enemy vessels approaching are used to burn the sails.

Thanks to the developing technology, we can produce parabolic mirrors more efficiently. Manufactured for special uses, these mirrors can still be used in the industrial field.


In the summer days when the sun is closer to us, the heat energy produced by the parabolic mirrors is increasing. If your job is to fall and you want to carry a parabolic mirror in your car, you have to forget some things. A driver in San Francisco, USA, faced an unpleasant situation when he left the parabolic mirror in his car. When he returned to the Subaru branded car, he saw the driver get tired of the car.

Marc Kossover, the name driver, is an ordinary person who wants to build solar ovens. With this mirror, he wanted to do things such as heating the water, cooking, it started by melting the car.

The plastic zones inside the vehicle are said to have a melting temperature that is high enough to evaporate 1 liter of water in 15 minutes. Kossover probably did not intend to forget the mirror inside the vehicle, he said he was distracted and escaped the attention of the mirrors. Nevertheless, the driver, who was lucky enough, could have met a burning car instead of molten plastics

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