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Here is BMW’s new electric motorcycle concept

The German automotive giant BMW unveils its new electric motor concept BMW Motorrad Vision DC Roadster.

Although BMW has a great track record in motorcycle manufacturing, the electric motorcycle department is not as successful as the automobile division. Although BMW is not good at this moment, it is a fact that BMW is trying to improve. At the NextGen event that took place today, the possible results of this effort were revealed.

As we have said in every concept of news, there is no guarantee that concept vehicles will be available. Since concept vehicles are often technologies that show what a company can do, we will have an idea of ​​what BMW can offer us in the future.

Switching to electric motors was a very difficult process for a brand which has been mentioned with double cylinder boxer engines for years. In order to build a successful electric engine, BMW had to produce (naturally) an electric engine and present the elements familiar to other BMW engines.

Edgar Heinrich, the chief designer of BMW Motorrad, said that while designing the engine, BMW Motorrad also brought the characteristics of the engine to the vehicle. In doing so, he put the vehicle’s batteries and cooling system in the area where the engine is normally located.

BMW announced the new concept car in addition to the engine, the new electric sports vehicle Vision M Next’ı introduced fans.

Here is BMW’s new electric motorcycle concept
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