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Google’s adding a new layer of security to peer-to-peer APK downlods

Working on Android for security, Google will be releasing a major enhancement to the most dangerous APKs in the world.

If you live in a country where mobile data usage is subject to high fees, or where internet connection options are limited, you may be quite familiar with sharing applications between devices. Google is preparing to implement a new layer of security to increase the reliability of APK packets sent from the device to the device.

According to an announcement on the Android Developers Blog, Google will be able to test authenticity via Google Play by integrating new code called “metadata” into the packages to increase the reliability of APKs. Details about the verification of the data from the approved channels and how to use the system are as follows;

The origin can be verified by the application while a device is offline. The user can add these specific packages to the Google Play library and check for updates once the device is online again.

As a Google Play user creates an offline distribution channel and provides sharing between devices through the library, updates of the packages can be viewed online. (This will be very useful for developers.)

The security meta-information for the packages is added to the backplane, so the developers do not do anything extra after the installation of the applications has finished.

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