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Google: It Was An ‘Error’ Not Telling Anyone About Secret Nest Microphone

Google, Nest Secure home security systems to put the microphone to notify consumers said it was a mistake.

Google’s wide range of products also includes home security products. One of these products is the Nest Secure alarm and home security system. Google has announced that this device will have Google Now voice commands.

This statement was quite a surprise to Nest Secure owners. Nobody was expecting such a development. The main reason for this situation was the fact that there was no mention of the microphone to be used in the device to use the voice assistant.

Google has issued a statement stating that it is a mistake not to indicate that it has put a microphone in the alarm and security system.

If the Facebook data in the world we live on is not played more or less once a month, companies such as Twitter and Amazon do not share voice calls, and people’s privacy demands do not cause companies such as Purism to have mechanically closed microphones-cameras, this could have been a pleasant surprise. In this world, people did not like to learn that a device that watches their homes can listen to hidden sounds.

Un The presence of the microphone was never a secret and a microphone should be included in the features, Google a spokesman for Google said. That was our mistake to our share.

Another fact that makes the situation more interesting is that Nest Secure has always supported Google Now. A separate microphone was required to use the voice assistant. The Google spokesman says they have chosen such a path because they expect the microphone to improve sufficiently and security advances to be completed. According to the spokesperson, the new microphone system will recognize dangerous situations such as glass breakage.

Google says that the microphone in Nest can only be used by users who allow the microphone to access the application, with only the listening feature turned on.

Google recently had a great response to the way it covered the Google+ data leak. This event was planted on top of the pepper.

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