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Google is gearing up for an Alexa fight at CES

Although CES 2018 has not started yet, there are still reports of technology giants here. One of the biggest shows of the fair where big shows will take place comes from a company historically silent in CES: Google.

Last night, Google was found to be seriously installing with the classic Google Slade you normally see only at Mountain View headquarters. While building a massive ‘Hey Google‘ structure in the parking lot of the exhibition center, it became clear that this year’s driving force at Google CES was Google Assistant. It is thought that the goal of this gigantic move is not related to Google Home products, whose sales are already pretty good. It is said that the goal of the giant company is to repel Amazon’s Alexa, which has embarrassed CES in recent years.

However, Google CES is not prepared for the big artificial intelligence battle with only the stand that the fairgrounds built to the parking lot. The company has equipped its railed vehicles in Las Vegas and the city-wide billboards with ‘Hey Google‘. The main headquarters in the park is also equipped with two giant screens.

For technology companies, fairs like CES provide a great opportunity to show a lot of things to the whole world. Assistant application in Google not only in their own products but also want to keep in many other places. If it is thought that it is already installed in more than 400 million devices, it seems to be successful.

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