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Google Is Banning A Play Store Developer With More Than Half A Billion App Installs

As of today, 46 apps from DO Global, which is partly owned by internet giant Baidu, are gone from the Play store. BuzzFeed News also found that DO Global apps no longer offer ad inventory for purchase via Google’s AdMob network, suggesting the ban has also been extended to the internet giant’s ad products.

Trying not to open even the slightest violation of the Play Store, Google has added a new sanction to its sanctions. 46 apps from DO Global, Chinese Baidu, have been removed from the Play Store.

Google made a name for himself with the changes he made in the Play Store recently, continues to maintain the rigid attitude against developers who breed the rule. The company removed DO Global’s 46 applications from the Play Store.

For those who do not know; DO Global is a company owned by Baidu, based in China. There are violations of advertising in the beginning of Google’s reason for punishing DO Global. Google, who has shown a very radical stance on this issue, said that he would not make any statement on the issue.

Currently, Google removed 46 apps from DO Global from the Play Store and announced that more apps will be removed soon. The first and most likely to make a final statement on the subject, Google spokesman said, “We are investigating malicious activities strictly and when we detect any violation of the application’s monetization features from publication to review everything,” he said.

This effort of Google is overwhelmingly worthy of the Play Store and aims not to make even the slightest violation. We will see what kind of sanctions the company will make in the future.

Google Is Banning A Play Store Developer With More Than Half A Billion App Installs
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