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Google Has Announced The New Name To Voice Google Assistant.

Google has announced a new name to give voice to voice assistant service Google Now. The information contained in a blog post by Google Vice President Manuel Bronstein Google Now, the famous US player Issa Rae’s nin voice can be used.

With the development of the smartphone industry, technology manufacturers have developed various applications to provide more services to consumers. One of these applications is voice assistants. Today, voice assistants from technology giants such as Apple, Google, and Amazon enable consumers to use their smartphone with voice assistants and make the necessary transactions automatically.

US-based technology giant Google, “Google Assistant” named voice assistant application will announce the new person announced. Google Vice President Manuel Bronstein said in a statement, the famous player of the United States Issa Rae’nin Google Assistant application will give voice said.

Issa Rae

Issa Rae, however, can’t talk about all the capabilities Google Now has for now. Besides, Issa Rae can only speak English. Therefore, users who want to talk to Rae through Google Now have to speak English. In a statement made by Google’s vice president, Issa Rae answered some simple questions for now and also said some motivating words.

This is not the first time Google makes such a move. The technology giant made a similar attempt in recent times and used the voice of the famous US singer and actor John Legend for Google Now. With the move of Issa Rae, Google implemented this application for the second time.


Google Has Announced The New Name To Voice Google Assistant.
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