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Google, Amazon and Microsoft look to move production from China, reports says

The tension between the US and China has also affected the technology companies. The tension between the two countries did not change the decision of the companies to take measures in this regard.

Last May, US President Donald Trump called for increased customs duties on products from China, which in retaliation threatened China to increase US products. This tension between the two giant economies naturally worried technology companies. At the G20 summit in Japan, Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping said they agreed to a ceasefire, but these statements do not seem to have affected the decision of major technology companies to shift production lines.

According to reports in the Nikkie Asian Review, giant players from the world of technology such as Amazon, Google, HP, Dell, Sony, Nintendo, Asus, Lenovo, and Microsoft are preparing to move their production out of China. According to the information in the news, companies that have started or will start moving operations are targeting Asian countries such as Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Thailand.

In June, there were reports that Apple would start to take 30% of its iPhone production out of China. But the company’s CEO, Tim Cook, expressed his concern about tariffs. Other companies in our news have not yet made an official statement on this issue.

Google, Amazon and Microsoft look to move production from China, reports says
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