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Good news for Apple’s gamers iPhone X Advertisement

Apple used a mobile processor chip on the iPhone X and in the iPhone 8 models called the A11 Bionic, the flagship that it launched on September 12, 2017. Apple, who posted a new ad to play the hearts of mobile players, re-emphasized the claims of the processor.

Mobile processors are now at a level where they can handle computer problems. Of course, we are also very close to those days when we offer superior performance as player computers. Qualcomm, Apple, and Samsung, the mobile chip industry has evolved from day to day. The A11 Bionic chip, which Apple uses in its iPhone X and iPhone 8 models, is still one of the most powerful processor chips on the market.

With the advent of ads that focus on the revolutionary face recognition feature of iPhone X throughout the year, Apple wants to position the original iPhone X differently as the introduction of new iPhone models gets closer. That’s why the A11 collects the Bionic’s mobile gaming performance advantages in an ad.

Let’s first watch the video and then do the analysis:

We are watching a player playing mobile game Vianglory 5V5 with iPhone X. The young man’s game can easily be played while walking on the road in an ordinary day. Apple wants to emphasize mobility here. At the same time, thanks to the powerful graphics processor, we are faced with graphics that make the game feel like inside. There is a reference here to the increased reality performance of the processor, if at all.

The reason Apple calls this “unleash” side of the ad is to make the iPhone the most logical option for high gaming performance. We also see that the scene at the end of the video is not only for the actors but also for the game publishers. Our young friend has broadcasted the entire adventure on YouTube Gaming live.

Let’s see how we’ll see ads for iPhone models in next September.

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