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Get All of Your YouTube Notifications Delivered at the Same Time

YouTube allows users to access daily YouTube feeds in one go thanks to the customizable notification feature.

Smartphone users sometimes feel annoyed that applications are constantly sending notifications. Fortunately, you can manage notifications and turn off unwanted notifications.

YouTube, with its customizable notification feature, provides a very convenient solution for users who do not want to turn off mobile application notifications.

How do I set up customized notifications on YouTube?

First of all, you need to make sure that the YouTube app’s notification settings aren’t completely off. If you have turned off notifications, you should turn on YouTube notifications in the ‘Settings’ section of your smartphone. Once you have turned on notifications, you can begin processing.

The first thing you need to do to customize your YouTube notifications is to go to the ‘account’ section at the top right of your YouTube app. When you tap on your profile photo, you need to access the “Settings” submenu and touch the “Notifications” section.

After going to the notifications page, you will be able to check in detail which settings are explained and which notification settings are active. The relevant section will look like this;

youtube bildirim

youtube notification

You can customize the notifications YouTube sends to your smartphones using the notification options available here. However, a setting between these options reveals YouTube’s difference from other applications. The “Scheduled summary” option at the top of your notification settings lets you choose a time that’s right for you and get a notification from YouTube when that time comes. When you click on this notification, content related to the options you selected is displayed.

youtube planlı özet

youtube planned summary

In other words, YouTube offers daily newsletters to mobile users who don’t want to receive continuous notifications during the day. The good thing is, you decide what happens in the content of this daily newsletter and when it will be published.

Get All of Your YouTube Notifications Delivered at the Same Time
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