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Fortnite, was criticized for alleged help to Novice Players.

Epic Games, which believes that Fortnite has suffered from the difference between experienced players and novices, is trying to make the game easier for the novices, according to professional players.

Shaking the battle royale category into the game world in 2017, Fortnite began to draw the reaction of some professional players. Some professionals reacted to Twitter, who thought that Epic Games made it easier for beginners to disrupt Fortnite’s dynamics.

If you’ve played Fortnite for the first time, you should know that there’s no big difference between experienced players and novices. As time went by, Fortnite’s range in the professional field expanded, and many teams appeared to be very professional players. In this case, the new discovery of the game and the difference between the class and experienced players began to notice the difference.

According to the claims of some professional players, Epic Games has decided to make Fortnite better for beginners as it is aware of the situation. The reaction of the players reacting to this was the negative impact of the game’s dynamic.

As the first example of these reactions, we can take the TSM player Daequan. Daequan said that the game has been changed for beginners, and that if this situation continues, Fortnite will be destroyed. You can take a look at the sharing of Daequan, which doesn’t give the name of Fortnite, on Twitter.

“One day the game developers will realize that they cannot protect the novices. If you try to change the game by separating the normal mode and rank system mode, you will ruin the game.”

Daequan’in this post after the popular names from the Fortnite community received support messages.

Together we will see what the reactions will become. Epic Games does not yet have an official description on the subject, but we will be sharing it with you when the statement is made.

Fortnite, was criticized for alleged help to Novice Players.
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