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Fortnite patch notes v8.10: The Baller, cross-play matchmaking changes

Another Fortnite patch is upon us, and this week, it’s becoming clear why Epic removed a bunch of vehicles from the game at the beginning of season 8. Just as we assumed, Epic vaulted a bunch of vehicles to make room for the new ones it plans to add throughout the season, beginning today with the arrival of The Baller.

If you’ve been following the Fortnite leaks over the past couple of days, you likely already have an idea of The Baller can do, but today’s patch notes detail the new vehicle in full.

We are facing a new Fortnite update. Epic Games at the beginning of the season 8 why a lot of tools removed from the game we have understood with this update. The company’s plan has made room for new future vehicles. The first vehicle to be added to the game, ‘Vantuzlu Top’ was.

The suction cup ball is a single vehicle that looks like a hamster ball and is attached to a hook. It is possible to use this hook to climb the high places on the map. In addition, this tool comes with boost add-on to close the distance between you and your competitors.

With the exception of the Suction Cup, Epic Games also brought some changes to the inter-platform gaming system. With this patch, Xbox One and PS4 players will now be in the same game pool. Switch players will be in the same game pool as mobile players.

Another big change came to the vending machines. After that the vending machines can be used free of charge. But after buying an item or weapon, the vending machines will disappear. So it will be disposable.

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