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Ford to Do Car Design with Virtual Reality

Ford is the pioneer of a method in the automotive industry that will change jobs and accelerate some processes.

Ford, a first in the automotive industry, has collaborated with the 3D VR tool Gravity Sketch. Behind this idea lies the ability of the company’s employees to collaborate in real time with other people around the world.

This new technology is quite new in-car designs, so it doesn’t prove to be fully proven for Gravity Sketch. However, if this idea succeeds in being productive, it may change the automotive design process. According to Ford’s report, engineers will be able to swap VR titles and controllers in solo design tools.

With the program called Co-Creation, many engineers around the world will be able to make adjustments and work on the same project. Designers will be able to draw back in real time and create 3D models.

This development can create drastic changes in vehicle design. Michael Smith, Design Manager at Ford, told Roadshow that the image-taking process required months of work, but with the new system, it could reduce this time to 40 hours.

In his press release, Ford said that in 5 Ford design studios around the world, dozens of internal and external designers experience workflow compliance, real-time collaboration, and collaboration with Gravity Sketch.

Ford to Do Car Design with Virtual Reality
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