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Fast & Furious 9 Injured Stuntman No Longer in Intensive Care

Good news came from Vin Diesel’s stuntman Joe Watts, who was injured during the shooting of Fast and Furious 9. Ending the days in the intensive care unit, Watts’s family made a statement for their status update and support.

Vin Diesel’s stunt Joe Watts was wounded in the past weeks and the Fast and the Furious 9 had been stopped. The Hollywood Reporter has reported good news from the stuntman.

During the shooting, the safety rope was broken and he fell from a distance of more than 9 meters and fell into a coma. Watts fiancé Tilly Powell made a statement about Watts’ situation. The explanation was as follows:

“Joe is now in the hospital and still has a long way to go, but the doctors have removed Joe from the intensive care unit and said that they are pleased with his progress.

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In addition to Watts stuntman Tilly Powell, Universal Pictures also made a statement:

“Universal Pictures, the Fast and the Furious 9 crew and talented actors are very happy to hear that Joe is taking fast steps towards recovery with his loved ones. Joe is a professional and literally committed to his work. He deeply touches us all. We send our best wishes to Joe on behalf of everyone on the Fast and the Furious film crew, and we want to report that we support Joe and his family in every way we can help. “

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Jason Statham, who recently made a statement about stunts, used the following statements in his statements:

“It’s terrible. You don’t know what’s going to happen. You take all the precautions to prevent such things from happening, but it’s really embarrassing that things happen anyway. It’s very bad for families to have someone seriously injured. My best memories on the set have always been stunts, and they’ve always been stunts throughout my career. I was with you “

Fast & Furious 9 Injured Stuntman No Longer in Intensive Care
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