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Fast and Handsome: Mercedes-AMG A35 Sedan Introduced

The Mercedes-AMG A35 Sedan, an alternative solution for Mercedes’s large baggage volume, was introduced just before the New York Auto Show, which will be the first exhibition of the vehicle.

Mercedes-AMG series entry-level model, which introduced the A35 hatchback at the Paris Auto Show, the German automobile giant Mercedes, 302 horsepower 2.0-liter 4-cylinder and turbocharged engine with the A35 Saloon, just before the New York Auto Show day he brought it to his face.

With all the pluses of the hatchback model, the A35 sedan brings a larger baggage volume to the drivers. In the new A35 sedan, the platform and AWD drive, as well as the axle range, will be the same as the hatchback model. Although Mercedes has not announced the vehicle’s luggage capacity, for the time being, we can say that there will be 1-meter clearance.

At the rear with a head gap of 94.4 centimeters, the vehicle has exactly the same seats as the hatchback. The Mercedes-AMG A35 sedan features all the features of the hatchback model with its digital cockpit, MBOX infotainment system and 5 different driving modes with the AMG logo.

The vehicle will have a 7-speed DCT transmission. However, drivers can also use the handles behind the steering wheel manually. The independent braking system improves cornering performance and the adjustable suspension improves driving comfort. The A35 sedan can also accelerate from 0 to 100km / h in less than 5 seconds.

Mercedes has not announced the vehicle’s maximum speed and the price tag at this time. However, if we consider that the car will be exhibited at the New York Auto Show, we will see the details of the missing during the fair.

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