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Fake Video by David Beckham Talking in 9 Different Languages

Synthesia, a UK based artificial intelligence company, conducted a study with the famous footballer David Beckham.

Thanks to Beckham’s visual artificial intelligence engines, the video that speaks 9 different languages ​​cannot be distinguished from reality.

Artificial intelligence and visual processing techniques have evolved so that we can see that the false news broadcasters are presenting news. The last study on this subject came from Synthesia, a UK based company. The company has spoken to English football player David Beckham in nine foreign languages.

Victor Riparbelli, the CEO of Synthesia, says that in the next 3 years, images of people with images obtained by computers will become widespread. In a study with David Beckham, the company benefited from both audio and visual machine learning and achieved results supporting Riparbelli’s views.

You can watch David Beckham’s “fake” video below:

Victor Riparbelli, 27, founded Synthesia two years ago. The first results of the work were the video that a BBC announcer spoke in Spanish, Mandarin, and Hindi. The number of languages ​​was increased to 9 with David Beckham’s work. Beckham’s face is artificially shaped according to the language of the language he speaks, while at the same time his own voice is adapted to the language he speaks.

Synthesizers biggest obstacle to achieving such results is to train artificial intelligence. David Beckham talked before a camera for the video above. Videos recorded during this speech and other visual data were analyzed by artificial intelligence software and a digital copy of Beckham’s face was created.

Below is a video that you can see all the works below:

Fake Video by David Beckham Talking in 9 Different Languages
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