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Facebook Moderators See Such Awful Content They’re Experiencing PTSD-Like Symptoms

According to a new investigation, content moderators, who are not counted as an official Facebook employee, are sexually harassed at the office because of the harsh working conditions.

Although Facebook is not as popular as it used to be, it is still the world’s largest social media platform and the number of active users is expressed in billions. It is not an easy task to detect and clean bir harmful da content on a platform where hundreds of millions of people and the page share each day. For this reason, we can say that Facebook content moderators play an important role.

However, Facebook is not big enough to control the entire platform on its own. For this reason, some companies that have an agreement with Facebook, Facebook content moderators that they work with Facebook is a more decent and family-friendly place. Unfortunately, the content moderators are not so kind and family friendly.

Casey Newton of The Verge visited a content moderation company in the state of Arizona in the United States and published a comprehensive investigation. According to Newton’s data, content moderators are not counted as a Facebook employee. Their working conditions and psychology are pretty bad. Moreover, their salaries are too low to be compared to Facebook employees.

According to the published investigation, content moderators do not have a healthy psychology as they deal with content such as violence, child abuse and racism all day long. For this reason, many content moderators use drugs to keep their psychology fit. Moreover, moderators not only use drugs in offices, but also have sex. In the middle of a low-budget Wolf of Wall Street is concerned, but the theme is not on the ordeal.

Business Insider communicated with another Facebook content moderator in the United States to verify Newton’s investigation. The moderator stated that they prevented Facebook from being a fire place thanks to the cleanliness they carried out, but they still did not count as a Facebook employee.

The moderator said that he hadn’t heard of a person who had sex or had been using drugs in his office, but wasn’t surprised by the people who did. Half of the money he went to the house rent, the remaining half is not enough for car installment and learning credit, he said.

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