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Face Recognition Period Begins in stadiums in Turkey

Face recognition system, which has been used in various sports competitions in the world, can also come to stadiums in Turkey’s.

With the Passolig system, face recognition technology was not applied in the stadiums, which was introduced for the first time, due to some legal reasons. Now, the law proposal for opening the system used in many countries abroad to our country was presented to the Turkish Grand National Assembly.

The use of the face recognition system at the entrance to the stadiums and the amendment of the law to reduce the severity of the proposal, if accepted, using the card of someone else, such as entry into the stadium will be completely eliminated.

Facial recognition system used to detect crimes committed in stadiums abroad will serve a slightly different purpose if implemented in our country. The system, which is intended to determine whether the person is the actual owner of the Passolig card at the entrance to the stadium, may be used in a different way in the coming years.

The facial recognition system, previously tested at the 2016 Rio Olympics, will be used for entry to the stadium as well as for city security at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Face Recognition Period Begins in stadiums in Turkey
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