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Explanation From Scientists On ”Dangerous Asteroid”

Scientists have warned about the asteroid, which has a diameter of about 300 meters, passing near our planet. 2006 The celestial body QQ23 is also on the agenda of the media.

There are many celestial bodies in the infinite space of space, and an important part of them is meteorites. These structures often travel around the void, influenced by whatever gravity is around them.

One of these meteorites, the 2006 QQ23, has been on the agenda of the media lately. It is said that a celestial body that is just over 300 meters long may hit the Earth and cause regional disaster. So some people have a panic atmosphere.


Researchers and scientists said that this structure would not hit our planet and would pass 9 million kilometers away from the Moon.

The last big meteor that hit our planet hit it 66 million years ago and brought the end of the dinosaurs. In 2006, QQ23 says NASA’s Planet Protection Officer Lindley Johnson says, zar We’re barely getting into the distance we’re beginning to study the motion of objects. Söyleyen Johnson says people don’t realize this kind of thing 6-7 times a year.


Later this year, a 500-meter meteorite will pass from about 6 million kilometers from Earth. The passage of that meteorite is expected to take place on September 14th.

NASA manager Jim Bridenstine had previously raised the threat of asteroid collision. Bridenstine believes that there should be no collision in the next 100 years, but he believes it should not be overlooked. Iz We need to make sure that people understand that this has nothing to do with Hollywood, the movies, NAS said NASA executive. It’s about the protection of the only planet that we know has life on it right now – that’s Earth. ”

Explanation From Scientists On ”Dangerous Asteroid”
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