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European Union to officially review Apple after Spotify’s complaint

The European Union will conduct a formal review of Apple on the complaint from Spotify.

The European Union does not allow trusts by its structure. Trusts are known as a structure where all power is collected in a single hand and the income obtained is shared by this power to the sector. The EU does not allow such a structure in accordance with the free market economy.

Spotify complained about Apple last March, the company’s Apple Music service in the App Store to highlight the innovation in the way it said that restrictive behavior. According to the Financial Times, the European Union within a few weeks to examine Apple’s anti-trust allegations.

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek complains about the deduction he calls ı Apple Tax. Apple gets 30% of the first year of each Spotify membership from the App Store. In the following years, this share falls to 15%. If they pay this tax, they should get Premium membership prices higher than Apple Music. Daniel Ek says this restriction restricts communication with Spotify customers. Spotify says that Apple unfairly restricts its music membership with taxes but does not apply a similar system to Uber or Devier.

Another accusation against Apple is that it does not allow for improvements that enhance the experience. In particular, Siri, HomePod and Apple Watch are favored by Apple Music.

Apple today says that Spotify is the app store concept that makes Spotify. Thanks to the App Store, Apple says that the company has access to its own users and that users offer a platform where they can download and update the application. They also provide software that is important for the development of the Spotify application and that they create a secure payment system. Apple accuses Spotify of protecting all these gains and wanting to get 100 percent of its earnings.

It will probably take years to come to a conclusion. If the EU violates anti-trust laws, it may be able to impose up to 10 percent of Apple’s annual global turnover. The sum of various penalties Google has received is now 8.2 billion euros and Apple may face a similar fine.

European Union to officially review Apple after Spotify’s complaint
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