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Epic Games Fortnite NEW update ”How is the Treasure Hunt Mode ?”

Epic Games continues to amaze with innovations published for Fortnite.

While you are afraid that one of the portal in the sky will come down, you can escape from someone who uses a magic sword. The novelty of this one is the treasure map, which will bring a different atmosphere to the new season that progresses with pirate theme.

Fortnite’s 8th season is going to advance with more ninja and pirate themes. According to the information in the patch notes of the new v8.01 update, a new feature named ‘treasure map’ has been added to the game. The treasure maps will guide the players to the treasures they can dig up after finding and searching the map.

Other patch notes in update 8.01 are as follows:

  • When you jump from a high place, the height limit is increased.
  • A new treasure mode has been added and rare items from these treasures will appear.A new
  • tournament called Gauntlet Solo Test Event came.
  • Several changes have been made to the audio files of the game.
  • You can check all of the patch notes by clicking here on the website of Epic Games.

Although Fortnite is left behind with the strengthening of its rivals, it doesn’t deprive the players of innovation and comes up with new surprises almost every day. The newly added treasure hunting mode seems to be great fun.

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