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Electric vehicles will be at a similar price to gasoline vehicles in 2023, according to one analyst

Ray Wills, an analyst known for his predictions about the future, said electric vehicle prices would approach gasoline vehicles in 2023 and electric vehicles would become more common in 2026. The fact that many companies turn to electric vehicles confirms this claim.

Electric vehicles such as Tesla Model 3, Porsche Taycan and Nissan Leaf are definitely among the vehicles of the future. Known for his predictions about the future, Ray Wills said in an interview that electric vehicles would have similar prices to gasoline vehicles in 2023.

Will, many gas stations will spend time, until 2026, the automotive sector will dominate the electric vehicles, he said. Although this claim is very strong, it would be useful to examine the events in a more concrete context.

Tesla Model 3 and Porsche Taycan, groundbreaking vehicles in the sector


Tesla means electric vehicles (after Elon Musk). People just say that their vehicles are ‘Tesla’ and almost all the features of their vehicles are easily understood. Including the best-selling Model 3, Tesla has a significant share in vehicle sales in the US and Europe. In the second quarter of 2019, Tesla Model 3 exceeded not only the sales of electric vehicles but also the number of gasoline vehicles.

A similar situation exists in Norway. According to a recent report, Tesla Model 3 accounts for 12.4% of all vehicles in Norway. Even the world-famous BMW 3 series did not exceed Tesla’s market share in Norway. In this case, it can even be said that Tesla has brought a change to the automotive sector.

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Affected by diesel vehicles, Volkswagen-like manufacturers have invested billions of euros and focused on electric vehicles. Also, brands like Porsche now see Tesla as competitors, not BMW and Mercedes.

Porsche, after a long time the brand’s most anticipated vehicle aims to introduce Porsche Taycan electric vehicle. Porsche Taycan’s features show that it will compete with the premium Tesla Model S.

The German automotive giant is also considering raising the car at a price between $ 100,000 and $ 120,000. This means that a competitor will cost $ 75,000 to $ 133,000 for the Tesla Model S.

The price of electric cars may fall as technology becomes widespread


In short, when we look at this issue, we can easily see that vehicle manufacturers focus on electric vehicles. In addition, it is worth mentioning that the vehicles are developing very seriously. With the development of the range of vehicles, vehicle users also prefer electric vehicles over gasoline vehicles.

Given all these factors, it is not ‘crazy’ to conclude that electric vehicles can be used more widely in the near future. Automobile manufacturers focusing on this field and users discovering the advantages of electric vehicles can become a technology that does not use gasoline vehicles. In this case, electric vehicles are expected to be produced more and create a competitive environment.

With the introduction of more electric vehicles than the brand, electric vehicle prices may fall to gasoline prices. Thanks to the different models produced by different manufacturers and the standardization of the electric vehicle concept until then, we can say that prices for many users can reach normal levels.

Electric vehicles will be at a similar price to gasoline vehicles in 2023, according to one analyst
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