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Eerie Video showing US Department of Defense’s Drone capabilities

In a video released by the Advanced Defense Research Projects Agency (DARPA), more than 250 unmanned aircraft can protect a targeted building. DARPA’s project, which works under the US Department of Defense, clearly shows the level of drone technology.

DARPA, the agency behind a series of defense-related projects, has released a new video about the drone army surrounding a set goal. The show was part of the agency’s Offensive Swarm Enabled Tactics (OFFSET) program, which seeks technology to allow small infantry units to use the drone army of 250 unmanned aerial vehicles.

The OFFSET program was designed for “complex urban environments, göre according to DARPA, which shows the type of media it envisions in this video. The agency wants OFFSET technology to be applicable to both unmanned aerial vehicles and unmanned ground systems. The test took place in Fort Benning, Georgia, where human operator teams used the drone army to izole isolate an urban target, DA according to DARPA. The agency explains this work as similar to a fire brigade setting a border around a burning building ”. The moments when the drone army takes up the sky, the video looks pretty scary.

DARPA has half a dozen OFFSET program tests planned. The Georgia show was the second of these six tests. If everyone goes as planned, the agency will conduct these field experiments every six months.

In this drone army mission, the team isolated a target in a complex scenario involving two city blocks. DARPA thinks a herd of drones will help a complex environment such as a city where long distances are hard to see. A large group of drones can give some serious information about the perimeter of a unit.

Eerie Video showing US Department of Defense’s Drone capabilities
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