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earth the speed record will be broken

The Bloodhound supersonic car is starting to test for a new land speed record. Drawing attention to its design, Bloodhound will try a new record in 2020.

Bloodhound supersonic car

The Bloodhound supersonic vehicle’s development team aims to break the world record for 2020 in a dry lake bed in South Africa. The crew aims to exceed the speed threshold of 1000 mph (1.600 km / h) in the long run. At present, the 1,228 km / h land speed record is supported by the Rolls-Royce EJ200 jet engine, so it is not far from this goal. In addition to the engine of the vehicle, the design is seen as an important factor in achieving these speed levels.


In tests at Cornwall Airport, the car reached a speed of 337 km / h in only 8 seconds and was pulled at a speed of 1.5 G.

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The team collects hundreds of data via 500 sensors integrated into the car. The relationship between the solid aluminum rims and the base friction and the low pressure on the backtrack the aerodynamic force being pulled back. With all these tools, the team is making improvements to improve the speed of the land.


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