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Disney’s biggest competitor isn’t Netflix – it’s Fortnite

Netflix, which was founded in 1997 to deliver real-time broadcasts over the internet, and Disney +, which will bring a new breath to digital broadcasting, will enter a serious competition compared to many market analysts. But there are those who think that this is not the case.

Disney +, one of the world’s largest media companies, is being introduced as a series platform and will be strong enough to bring Netflix to an end, according to many. However, some of the market analysts, who have made serious analyzes by evaluating market conditions, consider the opposite.

John Meyer of Transpire Ventures recently said in an interview with the famous tech site TechRadar that even Disney, one of the industry’s most powerful companies, is not capable of overthrowing Netflix. Netflix is ​​quite ahead, says Meyer, “I think Disney will not be a threat to Netflix. Netflix is ​​literally a technology company and has tremendous power with millions of subscribers.”

At this point, a different point of view comes into play and we may find the idea of ​​”Maybe there is no need for Disney to cross Netflix“. “Our focus is not on Disney +, Amazon or others,” Netflix wrote in a letter sent to its shareholders earlier this year, which implies that our competition can be applied to different industries.

Netflix shares with its shareholders, “Fornite and HBO more competition (and we are losing)” in the statement that the Netflix platforms, such as the fact that other non-industry competitors also shows. In short, if the Disney + platform is to have a good future, Disney should also adopt a similar perspective to Netflix’s point of view, and children must first be won.

Considering that Disney has an important place in the childhood of today’s elders, Disney + is quite likely to be accepted. If Disney + wins today’s children in a similar way as in the past tracks, it will create a serious infrastructure for tomorrow’s big ones. Even though Netflix and Disney + are competing in the number of subscribers, it is almost certain that users will continue to use both. We will see how the two giant platforms will follow strategies in the future.

Disney’s biggest competitor isn’t Netflix – it’s Fortnite
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