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Disney bought Hulu to stay ahead of the competition with Apple TV+

After years of partnership with various media companies in Hulu, Disney acquired Hulu as a whole. After 21st Century Fox acquired 60% of its shares, Disney announced that they had signed an agreement to fully integrate Comcast and Hulu.

The We integrate Hulu into our fully consumer-oriented program, and we want to bring innovations to the platform with the quality of The Walt Disney company, “said Bob Iger, CEO of Disney.

Disney introduced its video platform Disney + last month. It is curious how the company will manage both Hulu and Disney + at the same time. Expanding Hulu worldwide can make the company generate more revenue from the entertainment market.

(Hulu’s biggest sales strategy is expected to be sports programs.)

Despite its popularity, Hulu has been losing money over the past few years. The company lost $ 1.5 billion in 2018, a loss of $ 920 million in the prior year. Disney is currently targeting a total of 26.8 million subscribers to reach 60 million by 2024.

Hulu has to make a great effort to reach these numbers because Apple TV + will be released later this year. Even AT & T, Facebook, DC Universe, Time Warner, and Amazon are also working on their platforms.”

Disney bought Hulu to stay ahead of the competition with Apple TV+
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