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Discord Launches Its Live Broadcast Service

Discord, which players often prefer to communicate with each other, announced that it will launch its own live broadcast service. You will now be able to publish what you are playing in the Discord chat room with up to 10 people.

Today, Discord has announced that it has launched its own live feature, Go Live. In fact, Go Live is a very small video streaming tool that allows a few friends to comment on the game you’re playing, but it can be a fun alternative to live streaming services.

Go Live enables Discord users to broadcast their games through a voice chat channel on a server. Up to 10 people can watch the broadcast of the game you’re playing in the chat room. This update adds a joystick to the bottom of your server’s room list. This bar shows which game you’re currently playing and the Git Go Live ”button. When you start to live, your game is broadcast to everyone on the same voice chat channel as you. This will allow you to watch your game.

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Similar to Steam’s live streaming capabilities, Go Live is a limited but very simple live streaming platform. Thinking about Discord can be a great way to enjoy a game with a few of your friends. Twitch and Mixer are the platforms where you can do your own show, while Go Live is like lying on a couch and watching YouTube videos.

According to Discord’s main function, Go Live offers a slightly delayed broadcast. Discord has introduced a membership system for Go Live. If you are a Discord Premium subscriber, you can watch live broadcasts at a higher resolution. Nitro Classic users can broadcast up to 1080p, while Nitro users can broadcast live at 4K and 60 FPS. Discord will open this new feature for everyone in the coming weeks.

Discord Launches Its Live Broadcast Service
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