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Developed A Projector That Transmits Sounds Only To The Desired Person

Developed by scientists from the UK, this sound projector follows a specified face and sends sound waves to a point that only that face can hear.

Science and technology continue to evolve for a second. Scientists sometimes invent something new and sometimes discover something new, using existing technologies, and this discovery breaks new ground in the world of science.

A team working at the University of Sussex, England, made an extremely interesting but equally effective invention. Scientists, this invention, will appear in the following period will be mentioned frequently.

ses projektörü

This invention, which appears at the top, may in fact look like a model of the vintage camera or a telescope. However, this product serves a completely different purpose. This product is a sound projector that tracks a moving person and sends a sound wave to the target.

Think like this; you are a spy and you need to get instructions from someone. However, wearing headphones carries a great risk of disclosure. This projector directs the sound only to you and makes it possible for you to hear the sound sent as long as there is no one near you.

Scientists have used extremely cheap methods to improve this projector. This system includes an Arduino platform, which is especially important for engineering students, an acoustic lens printed with the help of two 3D printers and a webcam. The webcam follows a predefined face so that the device always sends the sound to the person whose face is defined. It also measures the distance and adjusts the projector’s moving lens accordingly and ensures clear sound transmission.

Gianluca Memoli, one of the key names of the project, believes that this technology can be used in areas such as creating personalized voice messages in crowded environments, augmented and virtual reality experiences without headphones and better transmission of special sound effects. Scientists are now working to improve this invention.

Developed A Projector That Transmits Sounds Only To The Desired Person
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