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Deadpool director developing Kitty Pryde movie with Brian Michael Bendis

The fact that superhero movies are making huge blockbusters makes filmmakers more interested in making such films. A new one will be “Kitty Pride”, a female hero from the X-Men team.

The Hollywood Reporter magazine confirmed that Deadpool came together for Tim Miller, the first filming director, and comic book writer Brian Michael Bendis for “Kitty Pryde“. Apparently, even when Disney and 20th Century Fox are trying to figure out who X-Men belongs to, the X-Men spinoff series is still entering pre-production. The project, code-named “143”, focuses on the character of Kitty Pryde. The 143rd issue of “Uncanny X-Men” in comics is one of Kitty Pryde’s first solo stories on team history.

Kitty is a female mutant character who can walk through walls and easily hack and use electronic devices. For years, there were various code names, the most known being “Shadowcat”. After appearing several times in the X-Men films in 2000, he made the character Ellen Page animated as in the other X-Men films in “X-Men Last Stand” Now, in his own name, he will be driven to a film market.

After Deadpool’s tremendous success, Tim Miller wants to move the X-Men series to an advanced position. In the coming months, Tim Miller, who is in big expectations from Deadpool 2, will be able to film even more characters after filming his best box office. Because Deadpool has won everybody’s liking and it is very proud of a director.

If she chooses the right person to play the Kitty Pryde superhero, she could be a very popular female superhero. Of course, this may be different if the character still plays Ellen Page in the first movies. Because Page had a lot of criticism about this role during his time. Whether the film world needs new superheroes, Tim Miller is more likely to shoot such films. Do you like superhero movies?

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