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Cryptocurrency Scam Site Disappears, Leaving Only the Word ‘Penis’ Behind

The Prodem named crypto money project, which is said to be used for the market by using the infrastructure of Ethereum has become a place of the past week. On the website, there was a single word on a white page.

Welcome to the future of investment. There are crypto parcels that are produced using the computing power managed by completely abstract software. Here, the world’s economic systems have the safest trading system ever seen. Here, there is Block Chain technology that will secure the future of the world of information and the Internet of objects. But there are people here, there are corruption and theft everywhere.

If the money is digitized, counterfeit is digitized

If you’re curious about the crypto-money world and pioneering technology like Block Chain, we often emphasize that you need to know as much as you can before you give your opinion. Otherwise, people who hold this work with terrorist organizations will continue to appear, and even to a large extent, robberies that use incomplete information and try to sell people a real Bitcoin disorder.

A crypto money project named Prodeum lied, indicating that it built its infrastructure on the basis of Ethereum, the most valuable second crypt money of our day. Crypto money projects, which people have not been able to trust since they have already seen many good examples, offer the possibility of malicious coyotes for the next generation hope symbol.

Prodeum’s site name, which is now on sale, disappeared once and for all, it became clear that the progeny was an attempt to deceive.

Even users who visited the site compares with a one-word statement:

This week, we are hearing camels when compared with the biggest crypto money theft of the past week in Japan. Because in that case a total of $ 400 million worth of NEM crypto money was stolen. Petroleum was a project that not only attracted a handful of people using social media channels.

Prodeum first came out with a press release from an NBC correspondent in Lithuania, and then it started to become popular.

The Prodome named company, social media professions also seem to be faked, falsified addresses and phones on the inability to reach even contact information. It seems that some of them have been burned badly and there is no deterrent to such fraud when international law is concerned.

Like we said at the beginning, the technology called Block Chain will enter our lives in such a way or another. After that, perhaps a few popular balloons will emerge, but the real issue will be the full digitization of the money.

We need to do research and keep our information up-to-date to keep up with this change. If you come across evidence of digital frauds that use prosecution and suspicious projects and people’s ignorance, you can let us know and stay on track.

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