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Crazy! Huawei P20 ads spotted outside Apple, Samsung stores in Uk’s capital

On March 27, Huawei’s new flagship P20 will be on display. The company, which has suffered a hard blow in the US market, has applied such a coercive marketing tactic in various countries, especially in the United Kingdom that it is not possible to appreciate it.

Huawei is despised by operators in the US, one of the world’s most important smartphone markets. The company’s phones will not be offered with special campaigns to customers of telecom companies. Huawei has begun to apply aggressive marketing tactics to boost sales in other countries, which is expected to cause a significant drop in Huawei’s sales.

Huawei’s P20 model to be introduced on March 27th has to be sold in Europe at high volumes. For this reason, the most important market seems to be England now. So whatever you’re doing, he’s doing it to be the leader in this land.

On the cobblestones in the streets, and especially in front of Apple and Samsung stores, these words appeared:

The widely watched charts on the streets point to the promotional effectiveness of the Huawei P20. On these charts are slogans like “A renaissance in photography”, “Wait” and “Stay calm”.

The main camera of the Huawei P20, which comes with three rear cameras, will have a resolution of 40 MP. In addition to this, a telephoto support with a secondary sensor of 8 MP and a monochrome photo support with a third sensor of 20 MP will be provided.

This interesting and unusual marketing tactic, organized by Huawei, is called “guerrilla marketing”. It is true that this technique, which has many examples in history, is not used to being implemented by a technology giant.

Let’s see if Huawei can get what he wants in commercial warfare in the absence of the US? Obviously, the P20 promises a lot. Do not forget to follow us on Tuesday, March 27th.

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