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Our site has been committed to respecting the rights, legality, copyrights, and personality of our site. Our site serves as ‘content provider’ defined in the law number 5651. According to the relevant law, the site management has no obligation to check unlawful contents. For this reason, our site adopts the ‘warn and remove’ principle. Those who are suspicious of the truth of the news that is experiencing discomfort due to any news, and who think that the works subject to COPY are illegally shared and that their legal rights are violated can be contacted by e-mail address or CONTACT FORM. Your complaints and requests arriving here will be reviewed by the site owner Muhammed adigüzel, and any content that you believe to be infringing will be removed immediately from our site. ARTICLE 3 – (1) The content, location and access providers are obliged to keep the identifier information on the basis of the principles and procedures determined by the regulations in a manner that is accessible to the users in their own internet environment and in an up-to-date manner. (2) Administrative penalties up to fifty thousand Turkish Liras are given by the Presidency to the content, place or access provider that fails to fulfill the obligations set out above.

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