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Comprehensive Storage Feature Found in Android Q Beta Future with Android R

Google’s steps on user privacy are promising. In this direction, Android Q is one of the innovations that will come with the Comprehensive Storage feature, Android R due to problems can remain.

At the moment, the Beta version for Pixel devices is on the market Android Q, ‘Comprehensive Storage’ has a new feature called. This is about changing the way applications interact with the storage area of ​​the device.

The operation of the Comprehensive Storage feature will take place as each application has a private area where it can run and store its own data. The specific permissions requested by the applications will be limited to this area and the device will not have access to other storage areas.

These features will be a pretty good development, but Android Q Beta 2 users are said to cause problems in the Comprehensive Storage feature. The applications installed in the first beta work well in compatibility mode, but in Beta 2 applications are removed and reinstallation caused crashes said.

Google made it necessary for developers to use the latest API for their applications before the latest version of Android Q was released. However, there is little time left for Android Q to come out, and most developers may not have time to update their applications.

In this environment, switching to Comprehensive Storage seems to slow down. This feature can be raised with Android R. Comprehensive Storage is one of the steps Google has taken over user privacy recently, allowing applications to work without requiring specific permissions.

Comprehensive Storage Feature Found in Android Q Beta Future with Android R
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