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Claim: iPhone’s Battery Life Is Not Long As Apple Says

According to a new report, Apple is exaggerating the battery life of some iPhone models. One of the phones that are the farther away from the company’s claimed battery life is the iPhone XR.

A UK-based consumer advocacy group said it tested nine different iPhone models, all of which had 18 to 50% less battery life than what Apple said. According to the results of the talk time given the claims of the most remote phone iPhone XR. Apple’s web site, the iPhone XR can provide up to 25 hours of talk time, while the group said the test lasted only 16 hours and 32 minutes.

In response to the results, Apple said they have tested their products meticulously and trust in the results. Thanks to the tight integration between iPhone’s hardware and software, battery life is at the highest level, and tests have confirmed this.

The group performed the same test for other brands’ phones in order to make comparisons. In addition to Apple, Samsung, HTC, Sony and Nokia mobile phones of popular brands, such as testing. According to the results, HTC claims their phone has a higher battery life than 5%.

HTC said that they tested the performance of their products in all respects, and that differences in the test environment could cause some changes in the talk time values.

It turned out that brands like Samsung, Nokia and Sony are less than their battery values.

Battery life may vary depending on phone usage habits. Factors such as screen brightness, application usage, and the number of notifications received directly affect the phone’s battery life.

In addition, the test results of the group contradict the test results of technology sites such as CNET, AnandTech and Tom’s Guide. These sites have stated that the iPhone XR has excellent battery values. Even the more expensive iPhone model, according to the XS had revealed that the battery life is better.

Claim: iPhone’s Battery Life Is Not Long As Apple Says
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