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Claim: Apple’s New 16-inch MacBook will be released earlier than expected

While Apple is almost certain to launch a new 16-inch MacBook, there are some rumors about when it will be launched. Some experts argue that Apple’s new MacBook may come out sooner than expected.

After Apple canceled the 17-inch MacBook Pro, a big-screen MacBook Pro was taken for granted. The best part of the new 16-inch version is that it won’t have as large frames as the 15-inch MacBook Pro.

According to new news, Apple, 15.4-inch laptop screen by reducing the frame of the same area has achieved a larger screen. This new device is expected to be available in the fall of this year. Some sources even claim that the device may come out sooner than expected.

MacBook Pro

According to TrendForce, the laptop market, despite the trade war between the US and China, shows a growth of 12.1% compared to the previous quarter. Apple sold 3.2 million units, down 1.7 percent from March data. Other players in the market, including HP, Lenovo and Dell, experienced growth in the second quarter. TrendForce expects an increase in demand in the coming quarter.

Interestingly, analysts are talking about Apple’s 16-inch MacBook Pro in laptop sales in the September quarter. The latest report includes the following statements:

“In the third-quarter laptop sales, the Chromebook is moving firmly on its path, apparently through preschool years. At the same time, we see new products on the shelves: Apple’s 16-inch MacBook, Dell’s 16:10 aspect ratio, Asus dizs dual-screen laptop Birçok Many gaming laptops increase demand. Although it is necessary to wait for market announcements in order to reach real sales figures, new products will help to increase inventory levels ”

Earlier reports have suggested Apple’s 16-inch MacBook will launch in September, but considering that Apple usually released its new Macs and iPads after the mid-September iPhone event, the new MacBook’s release date maybe October.

Claim: Apple’s New 16-inch MacBook will be released earlier than expected
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