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China’s Tiangong-1 plummets to death over South Pacific ocean

Since losing contact with the tsunami space station Tiangong-1, which has been in communication since 2016, it has long been shattered after long chasing and waiting in the Earth’s atmosphere.

These parts were then dispersed into the deep waters of the Pacific Ocean. The Chinese-made space station Tiangong-1, which has been searching for the orbit of the whole world for about 2 years, finally fell on our planet. The calculations made for the region that has fallen for the last 2 months have never provided exact information. There were many areas of falling satellites, including Turkey, was the address of the Pacific Ocean.

With the body size of the bus, the weight of about 8.5 tons, and the chemical toxins it was said to contain, Tiangong-1 was a city fallen, could die around. It was calculated that the approximately 1.5-ton piece of the suit, which is already known to be disintegrated at the moment of entry into the atmosphere, will fall in its entirety.

As Chinese space agencies have confirmed, Tiangong-1 entered the atmosphere at TSI 03:16:

In the above image, the moment of decline that has not been broadcast even though the images have been taken yet. The satellite, which re-enters at 120 kilometers, loses its solar panels at a distance of 80 kilometers and then turns into a flame and is severely fragmented. These pieces fall into a region of 70 miles in length, 2000 kilometers in length.

The researchers said that this gigantic vehicle would break down like a stone that had been thrown into the water due to the decline in the Earth’s atmosphere and that it would move away a few times. Of course, the last contact you said succumbed to gravity. Last night it happened and Tiangong-1 became shattered on the Pacific.

As details about the fall of Tiangong-1 are clarified, we will transfer it to you, stay on track.

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