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Challenge Begins Between Apple Card and Credit Cards

Apple introduced the credit card feature in its own devices, and this initiative has long fought against credit cards.

The Apple Card is facing a tough challenge. Apple had a good user experience with the iPhone‘s credit card feature and promised that payments could be made without problems. However, there is also the possibility that the Apple Card will empty your wallets.

With Apple Card, you can check your expenses:

It’s a fact that the credit card has some of the worst. The convenience of shopping and the fact that the money out of your pocket cannot be seen in a concrete way can sometimes cause the limits to be exceeded. Therefore, it is not very user-friendly.

Users want to see and understand how much they spend. Apple Card, its users and offers a relatively good experience.

Compete with credit cards:

With the Apple Card, it will be much easier to find out when a payment is made, how much and how much interest you will pay in case of delay. While such options offer traditional credit cards, the transactions are quite challenging. With these features, Apple Card can take the lead among credit cards.

Advantages of credit card:

Apple is not easy to convince users of the Apple Card. While people have to use the App Store when they buy iPhone, there are serious opponents across the Apple Card. In particular, credit cards and debit cards to provide various discounts in spending on Apple’ı this issue will be very difficult. Just like people prefer Spotify despite Apple Music. While the transparency of the Apple Card is quite interesting for users, there are opponents to deal with.

The Apple Card v1 was quite robust. v2 is expected to be more competitive, more advanced and more attractive in general. However, this is a war and it is quite possible to use various strategies in the long term. While the Apple Card is making its moves, its rivals do not stop where they are. There are still months since Apple Card has been active and competitors will probably develop a strategy for themselves.

  • And what do you say?
  • Can Apple win this battle?
  • Is the Apple Card powerful enough to change people’s spending habits?
  • You can share your answers with us in the comments section.

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