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CAR NEWS – Autonomous Cars Detect More Difficult Black People

We use artificial intelligence based on visual processing, smart phones and autonomous vehicles. These softwares know our faces in phones, and in vehicles they work to distinguish pedestrians and take precautions. According to a study, dark-skinned people appeared to be disadvantaged in these recognition procedures. Can artificial intelligence be racist?

Maybe not much talked about in Turkey, but today it is known that the ones more difficult to define the three-dimensional facial recognition systems with the most advanced phones with darker skin color.

The same problem now applies to sensors for autonomous vehicles that operate in a similar way. Visual processing systems that distinguish pedestrians from autonomous vehicles appeared to be unable to make a clear definition when they saw people with dark skin color.

Futurism reported that researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology in the US tested 8 different models of their choice with the latest visual processing artificial intelligence. These systems were known as identification systems that allowed autonomous vehicles to make sudden decisions in traffic.

The researchers determined the colors of the objects they used in the experiment by using the Fitzpatrick ruler. This color ruler used to sort people’s skin colors from light to dark. So objects represented people.

According to the results, the artificial intelligence systems were more difficult to describe dark-colored objects representing darker people. According to research conducted both in day and night conditions, it was revealed that artificial intelligence software can recognize dark skinned people 5% more difficult than light skinned people.

Can artificial intelligence be really racist?

Based on this data, it is impossible to say that artificial intelligence will make racist acts. Today’s artificial intelligence is a software that specializes in a single job. In order for a software to make its own decisions according to the data input, it is necessary to pass the stage called self-awareness.

People’s self-awareness stage takes place in childhood. We have the ability to make decisions based on the information we have learned. Behind this, we have a highly complex brain and complex neural networks. In other words, in order for artificial intelligence to be truly racist, it must first have these complex neural networks and achieve self-awareness.

Artificial intelligence software based on visual processing, dark and light-skinned people with different success rate to detect completely different from the operating system of sensors, colors and the lack of the ability to convert to numerical data is due to the lack of

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