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BMW’s eye-catching concept car Vision M Next released

BMW introduces the new concept hybrid car concept Vision M Next with mid-engine (the engine is located in the middle of the vehicle) and electrically powered.

BMW uses the M-series to promote its future plans and new designs. The new M-series is the Vision M Next, which is quite remarkable.

Although the appearance resembles the i8’i, the design of the vehicle is quite unique. Although it is not clear what they mean by Next, the new design will be powered by an electric motor in addition to the gasoline engine.

The engine consists of a combination of both electric and gasoline systems. We don’t know which part provides how much power, but the car has a total of 600 horsepower. Vision M Next, which has a range of 100 kilometers only when used electrically, goes from 0 to 100 in 3 seconds. The maximum speed of the vehicle is 300 kilometers. The engine is a plug-in electric hybrid model and 4-cylinder.

BMW chose a colorful design language to highlight the details in the design of the new vehicle. Kidney grills are very stylish. A laser-engraved image on the grille is also added, giving the car a completely different feel for those who pay attention to the details. The new car uses Laser Wire lighting, which was recently introduced and looks very nice. In this method, where glass fibers are coated with phosphor, the lights are diffused and flowing instead of leaving a single spot. BMW uses the same technology in its rear lights. A BMW logo also stands out in the headlights. Last but not least, a color BMW calls Exciting Orange that everyone sees as soon as it looks makes it really exciting.

When we look at the photos published by BMW, we see that the firm doesn’t get used to cowardice in interior design. All three panels are located directly in front of the driver. At the top of the windshield is an information display with augmented reality. It is not known how much data will affect the drive. Nevertheless, the interior panels of the vehicles are ultimately about personal tastes.

Another feature of the vehicle is the gyroscopic cup holder. This feature, which lovers really love, prevents your car from spilling, whether it accelerates, slows or passes through bumps.

BMW’s eye-catching concept car Vision M Next released
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