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BMW i4, which will rival Tesla, displayed while being tested

BMW’s new car series, the i4, was tested in warm weather on European roads and caught the lenses. The new series is expected to become a major competitor to the Tesla Model 3.

The world of automobiles has become a rivalry in the electric car industry. It would not be wrong to say that Tesla, the American carmaker, who has made an impact more than any brand has ever been able to achieve in the automobile industry, is also a leader in the sector. That’s why many brands put their fighters out to challenge Tesla. BMW is a well-established brand. The German company, the four-door sedan version of the new BMW i4 rival Tesla was caught in the cameras during the test. As shown in the images, the BMW i4 sedan is almost the same size as the Tesla Model 3.

BMW i4

The car is a continuation of the weird-looking i3 that many people love but can’t really make a real impact on the market. But rather than the i3, it’s more of the design traces of the BMW 4 Series, which is good. Thus, the vehicle has a more elegant and sporty appearance. This view is what the sedan car seekers want nowadays.

There is not much information about the BMW i4. However, the range is expected to increase considerably compared to the i3. In fact, it is no wonder that a company like BMW has managed to outdo the range of some Tesla models with the resources it has. BMW says it will have a range of at least 600 km. However, this number will increase considerably before the car is released.

BMW i4

The interior of the vehicle will not move away from the traditional BMW design. 2020 looks like the interior of the BMW 3 Series. Tesla’s huge touch screen may look quite stylish. However, most companies in the market do not want to put aside their traditional design.

There is no information yet about when the electric car will go on sale.

BMW i4, which will rival Tesla, displayed while being tested
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