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BMW and Mercedes will work together in the Electric Car Field.

It turned out that BMW and Daimler will work on a platform for the production of electric cars as well as the agreement for compact cars.

BMW and Daimler, Germany and the world’s most important names, will produce a common platform for the production of electric cars. These two companies, which played an important role in the development of Germany in the automotive field, were mentioned together under the name of partnership.

For those who do not know Daimler as a name, let’s add a footing; Daimler is the giant company that we all know is the owner of Mercedes-Benz and Smart. Two giants such as Daimler and BMW, the main reason is to achieve high profit at low cost.

News of two giant companies working on a common platform to the press Sueddeutsche Zeitung and Auto Bild thanks to spread. BMW and Daimler, which were mentioned many times before, had previously announced that they would act jointly for compact class cars and electric cars.

According to the reports of Sueddeutsche Zeitung and Auto Bild, this partnership will save 7,91 billion dollars in a 7-year period. This process and the amount saved may vary in the later stages of the agreement. Because this partnership agreement between the two companies is in the planning stage.

This partnership between BMW and Daimler will excite everyone interested in the automobile industry, as well as cars. You can follow us to be informed about the new developments on the agenda.

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