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bitcoin to 6500 Dollar fell!

The world’s most valuable cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, has experienced a 44% depreciation in the last 8 days and is still alive.

Bitcoin, which we talked about during the last month of December, is continuing to erupt. Bitcoin, which changed the world agenda in only 8-9 months and caused great controversy, became one of the world’s most preferred investment instruments, exceeding the $ 20,000 threshold 5 weeks ago.

The number of investors increased as the media became interested in this issue and put people on the agenda. Especially in countries with high literacy and over-population, Bitcoin’s market is starting to grow.

Countries such as China, South Korea, India have caused rumors that they will ban cryptographic paralysis due to theft and people being victims. Some of these rumors are formalized. Since the beginning of 2018, Bitcoin has been experiencing a great loss.

Bitcoin is traded at $ 6,272 (as of February 10, 2010) according to the most recent data obtained:

A blow over the casualties also came from the United States. JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America and Citigroup, three of the world’s most powerful banks operating on Wall Street, banned the purchase of Bitcoin by credit card.

Many people in the US know that they have bought Bitcoin with a credit card. When people began to borrow for investment, the banks that thought their money could not be paid back found the solution in such a way.

As a result, a significant number of investors in the global market decreased. The effect of the stock market barons, which entered into this business with large amounts of money and changed the course of everything, was getting smaller day by day.

After a long time, Ripple dropped to $ 0.6 and Ethereum to $ 589.

Bitcoin will continue to lose value as the number of investors decreases, while the ceiling for the period when individual investors are on the rise. This downturn is actually affecting all of the cryptic currencies. You can see the full list of what you see above.

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