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Bitcoin Overpasses 15,000$

Bitcoin has continued to rise astronomically since last night, leaving behind a historic dam. The virtual currency is now trading at $ 15,000.
Bitcoin has earned investors an average of $ 1000 a day per unit over the last 4 days. Bitcoin continues to invest in infinite quantities, as economists have not yet had a clear picture of the future.

In recent months, Bitcoin has changed everything known about the economy and investing, making it one of the most unforgettable financial events in history. Experts have been saying that a limit of $ 15,000 can pass before entering 2018, since Agutos 2017.

On the other hand, this incredible rise has given Bitcoin 50% of the value in the past week. Our previous week Tuesday was over $ 10,000, the previous historic dam. Immediately afterward, the world’s leading finance experts reported their opinion that Bitcoin should be banned or taxed.

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