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Bitcoin Gains Despite The Fall In Stocks .

While the tensions between China and the United States caused stocks to follow a fluctuating path, Bitcoin continues to increase its value.
Stocks, the US and China have fluctuated due to a rebound of tensions, while cryptocurrencies attracted investors with a second chance.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average has experienced a very turbulent process over the past five days and ultimately lost 1,000 points. On Monday, China announced plans to increase its customs duty on the US $ 60 billion worth of goods, causing Dow Jones to drop 562 points.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin, however, experienced an increase of 7% during the past week, while it saw a 30% increase over the past week. According to the news CoinDesk’e Bitcoin’nın value of $ 5,760 to $ 7,860 at the moment. In addition, other major cryptocurrencies gained value on Monday.

Bitcoin is in an upswing. Crypto money has managed to surpass the threshold of $ 4,000, $ 5,000, $ 6,000 and $ 7,000 since January 1, while steadily increasing its value throughout the year.

Bitcoin has not seen such high values ​​since last July. In addition, crypto money has doubled in value since mid-December. Bitcoin saw the highest value in 2017 as it reached $ 20,000 in December.

The most valuable 10 cryptocurrencies as of now and the price is as follows:

Bitcoin: $ 7,860
Ethereum: $ 202.48
XRP: $ 0,327701
Bitcoin Cash: $ 393.04
Litecoin: $ 91.19
EOS: $ 5.71
Binance Coin: $ 23.55
Tether: $ 1.01
Cardano: $ 0,075812
Stellar: $ 0,102127

Note: Ranking of cryptocurrencies is based on market values.

Bitcoin Gains Despite The Fall In Stocks .
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