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Bentley’s CEO Explains Why They Don’t Produce Electric Cars

Bentley’s CEO Adrian Hallmark spoke of roadmaps for electric cars. Hallmark answered the reasons why the company did not produce electric cars so far and also said what it takes to produce a Bentley electric car.

Adrian Hallmark, CEO of British luxury car manufacturer Bentley, made statements about electric cars at the Goodwood Speed ​​Festival. Hallmark also shared the results of a customer-focused survey. According to the survey, people who own Bentley cars want to own 30% more electric cars than customers of other luxury brands.

Mark, I want to hurry to get an electric Bentley car out, Hall Hallmark said. We need to stand out as a brand. There is great demand from customers in this regard, ”he said. Following these words, Hallmark made an answer to the question of why they didn’t produce an electric car so far and said that today’s technology for electric cars is not at a level that can reflect Bentley quality.

Bentley exp 12 speed 6e

bentley exp 12 speed 6e

Hallmark, who uses a light bulb as an example, said, “Our current technology is to build an electric car that is similar to buying a battery that can only operate a light bulb at half its capacity. The battery that we can fit into a Bentley car does not give us the range we need. It makes the car very heavy on the batteries that can give us the range we need. Land

Hallmark explained that the minimum range they want is 640 kilometers. This value is equivalent to the distance that today’s cars can drive with a tank of gasoline. Hallmark has also turned its attention to göz Solid State ’technology. As it is known, the Li-ion technology batteries used today increase the weight of a car by about 500 kilograms.

It is expected that this weight will decrease by half with the batteries to be produced with Solid State technology. What is important here is that Solid State technology is expected to become an industry standard for 5 to 10 years. In other words, there seems to be a long time ahead of us to produce Bentley electric cars for sale.

Bentley’s CEO Explains Why They Don’t Produce Electric Cars
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