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Beat This, Microsoft: Apple Patents Stylus That Can Write on Air

Thanks to the patented system, drawings and texts made with a special pen on non-electronic surfaces will be moved to the computer environment.

While Microsoft was the company that invested heavily in electronic drawing pens, Apple patented content creation on non-electronic surfaces with electronic input devices. According to reports shared by TechRadar, Apple’s patented system will carry computer-generated drawings made by a user on a desk-like surface or in the air.

As you can see in the picture above, the sensors at different points will follow the position of the column and all movements will carry the virtual center. Sensors will monitor all movements of the top and bottom points of the floor relative to x, y, z positions and try to understand what is written and drawn. Also, although it may seem strange at first, integrating this technology into the virtual reality industry can make a huge difference.

As with everything that is patent-pending, there is no clear information about the serial production of Apple’s new proprietary technology. However, this technology can bring a lot of revenue when considering the future innovations that will be created in virtual reality and drawing areas. For this reason, Apple may start working quickly instead of waiting for the patients. Well, what do you think about this new technology?

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