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Battlerite Royale Was Completely Free At Steam

The famous MOBA game Battlerite was officially free to play.

As of today, Battlerite Royale has moved from Steam’s Early Access Program to a free game. The producer of the game, Stunlock Studios, has announced a new update, which he calls ‘BIG PATCH’. The update will include 3 new playable characters, 2 new regions and unique objects. In addition, players will be able to purchase ‘Legendary Adventure Pack 2’.

Battlerite Royale, ile ilgili görsel sonucu
New playable characters:

Oldur: Ability to bend time and space
Taya: Hurricane Invader
Pearl: The Rage of the Ocean
New Regions:

Frozen Plateau
Trade Island

BIG PATCH also brings players the ‘Battle Pass’ system where they can get special cosmetics. All the characters in the game package is $ 20 price.

Battlerite Royale, ile ilgili görsel sonucu
“We knew that the Battlerite Royale audience had been waiting to be free to play for a long time, ves Stunlock Studios’ marketing officer Jordan Ilves says. Demecine “Today we are also publishing BIG PATCH, so both Battlerite Arena players and Battlerite Royale players can expect to see a lot of new content, so we can move the Battlerite universe to advanced levels,” he says.

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